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    Originally Posted by Noscium View Post
    Not bad!

    First of all,the nose's shading can be better.
    Don't put that black colours for something like eyes or whatever, I think it can work better with a dark grey, also, put a little anti aliasing in his eyes.
    Hovewer, I think the fingers looks too much like human fingers.
    One last thing, the shading is missing under his head.
    Ah, gotcha on the nose. For some reason it's like I forget to do things, then I just end up posting it without realizing what I did wrong :D

    The eyes are also supposed to be hollow, but I can see that using super-black is giving it a weird look. I'll touch it up with grey instead.

    The hands are supposed to be more squared off at the ends of each finger, but pixeling it to look squared off is really hard since the workspace is so small. This is what it was supposed to look like:

    And thanks for the comments. They're a big help for a new guy like me
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