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    Xiu Lim
    Study => Central Station
    Xiu was probably the only Avatar to have a private study as large as hers, or at least she was the only one she knew of. While more recent Avatars have had their life stories thoroughly chronicled with some of them even having been turned into stage productions (A certain one originally by the Ember Island Players comes to mind. In that situation, the book was definitely better), the earlier ones remain clouded in mystery for the most part so she doesn’t really have any way of knowing if she really does have the largest private study. Maybe once she is finally able to communicate with her past lives she can interview them and write a book about it. The Avatar state seemed like an incredible resource and she was surprised nobody has tried to use it in such a way before.

    At present, Avatar Xiu was sitting in the aforementioned study staring at a lit candle and practicing breathing exercises. Having a candle lit in the middle of a room that had piles and stacks and shelves of books everywhere was probably not a smart idea, but for now she needed it. The room was entirely silent except for Xiu’s breathing. ”Firebending comes from the breath!” she remembered her teacher saying. Her teacher had told her that her forms were flawless, so clearly it must be the breath that is causing it. However, practice as she may, she couldn’t seem to figure out how her breathing could be off. Xiu continued to practice for a few more minutes before she stood up and assumed a firebending stance facing the candle and took another deep breath. A brief standoff between the two ensued before she stepped forward and punched in the little flame’s direction.

    The flame flickered slightly.

    Xiu sighed. With these results it was difficult to tell if she had actually firebent the flame or just blown on it very gently with airbending. I need a change of perspective, she said. It wouldn’t do any good to keep repeating what she had been doing blindly because she would only see the same things she already had. What would be the best way to do this, though? Xiu put on a green-and-gold dress, grabbed her purse, and left her house-sized study put together on her request by earthbender sentries next to the compound before going to notify the sentries standing outside the entrance. “Hey guys!” she said in her cheerful voice, smiling wide. “I’m gonna go for a little walk in the city, okay?”

    “You sure you don’t want us to come with you, Xiu?” The sentry who spoke was always the most vocal with his concern.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Go have some fun yourself, Tsuno!” She had made an effort to learn all the names of the inhabitants of the compound. It wasn’t too difficult after finding the personnel list, but she went around and asked them all anyway because it made a better impression.

    “Alright, be careful.” He waved goodbye and Xiu waved back as she left. She walked along the street that lead to the city in such a way that made it clear to all who saw her that she was a very happy young girl without making it clear that she was trying to project that image by doing something like skipping or singing. The thought reminded her that she should probably further her music studies, though. Some people would be surprised that the sentries would let her go alone so easily after the sort of trouble that Korra got herself into frequently, but the fact was that they didn’t. There was one single airbender amongst the sentries and he was known among them for his agility, but most importantly, he made a skilled spy. The sentries always sent him to watch over her and thought that she hadn’t noticed. She was more aware than they gave her credit for. She always paid attention to the goings on of the compound and made sure to observe her surroundings when she left her study as well. He never showed himself, though, but that was probably because Xiu never got into any trouble.

    The journey between the compound and the city was miniscule so it didn’t take long before she was strolling around Republic City. It was loud and bustling like always with Sato-mobiles filling the streets, zipping by. Xiu honestly preferred the quiet of her study, but this change in scenery was exactly what she had asked for. Posters were scattered all throughout the city advertising all sorts of things like cheap bending masters and store sales but Xiu only cared about one type of poster. She walked up to a lamp post that had a pro-bending advertisement on it. Her intention was to see a pro-bending match to observe their technique up close. Pro firebenders had a much different style than traditional ones, so perhaps that could help her find a way to improve her own technique. Something in the poster in front of her caught her eye though. While she was surprised that she was lucky enough to be in the city the exact day of the match in question, what drew her attention was the face of Force of Nature’s airbender. Kalden, eh?

    Xiu chuckled at the chances of this happening; the match she was lucky enough to catch being the one involving a boy from that ridiculous training camp. It seemed like fate enjoyed messing with her, just as it had by making the girl who begged to not be the Avatar exactly that. Looking at his face, she could tell that he was a very different boy than when he was little. Well, he probably wasn’t an entirely new person. Despite the most dynamic changes in a personality, that person typically held the same basic foundation all throughout their lives. Except for insane people, that is, what with mental instability causing unpredictability. She didn’t have first hand experience with insane people, but she had read it in a few medical journals she had at her study. Regardless, she doubted Kalden was insane considering the fact that he was apparently on a successful pro-bending team. Actually, now that she thought about it, she had noticed a difference in him before from her time at the air temple. When she finally left, she remembered that he would smile and talk more than he did during camp. That meant it was just a normal progression of identity, nothing special.

    Noting that the match started at 8:00, Xiu looked at the sun and figured there were probably three hours left until it began so she decided to get something to eat first. She didn’t have much money, though (because the Avatar doesn’t exactly have a secret bank account overflowing with gold) so she followed the map of the city she had plotted out in her head until she reached a stand that sold Fire Nation snack foods and bought a bag of fire flakes. Sure it was very spicy, but maybe her inability to firebend came from her lack of understanding of Fire Nation culture. Sure she knew about it, but did she really understand? By now she was near the Central City Station so she decided to just sit down on a bench eating fire flakes while looking at the statue of the revolutionary former Fire Lord Zuko and thinking about pro firebenders. While most of this was superficial and probably of little effect on her bending ability, she secretly hoped it was making her more “fiery” and in turn helping her become a better firebender.
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