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I honestly don't know the first game I ever played. I didn't have any consoles of my own until I was about 8 or 9 so I'd only play games very occasionally when I visited cousins who had consoles (and they lived in other provinces, so it wasn't often). The only game I specifically remember playing is a Mario Kart and... I guess it must have been Super Mario Kart since I remember being pretty young when I played it. I remember some other NES (or SNES?) game that I played co-op with my cousin once but all I remember about it is being reeeally bad at it and continuously stealing his lives. He was much older than me and I cringe every time I think of this because I must have been so annoying and he must have wanted to do anything but play games with his annoying little cousin. :(

The first game I ever owned (and beat and completed!) was Pokémon Red. It's a little impressive to say because for the most part I didn't beat games when I was a kid. I'd play them but never really get close to the endings. I never had that problem with Red, though. To be fair, it was a joint effort between my brother and I since we had to share the game (I can't imagine doing that nowadays with something like Pokémon) but I'm pretty sure I beat this game before I even got more games for our Gameboy Colour. It was also the first game I'd consider completed (100%) in my collection, too, since I actually filled the Pokédex including Mew for this thanks to my friends at school.

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