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    fascinating discussions here. And I have to say that my highschool expierence was much like Slayr. The last and only time we touched creative writing (poetry) was in primary school and well, you can imagine the quality of that... even though when I showed it in highschool, people believed I stole it from the internet...

    On a different note: usually when I write it has to come from myself and in such a situation Im in full control of characters and everything. That is how I began my latest story.

    Imagine my surprise when I noticed the story just wouldn't flow in the direction I imagined. It actually drifted farther from that point with each line that naturaly followed on paper. And when I thought of the new direction and revised my original plan, it still wouldn't flow in that direction.

    The other side to this is that even though I didn't plan to write it like this, it flows, it fits, perfectly even. The nuance of earlier lines can be seen later on.
    In short, I have no idea where Im going with that, but it feels right; the direction it takes, almost by itself.

    Have you guys encountered this in your own writing? What are your thoughts on this?
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