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    Originally Posted by Darkroman View Post
    PokemonComposer: It's awesome you're doing mixes with live recorded instruments. If you play them all, you have more talent than me. Also your Wii shop channel reminds me of the music from the original Sims. However, and I don't mean to sound harsh here, but they all sound really off-beat. The rhythm and timing is just not there!
    I'm absolutely aware of it. It was recorded in a very short time. I think the problem is, I've not learned its harmony and melody, so I wasn't capable of playing it fluently and even with some better moments, it's sounds extremely "heavy" compared to the original version. I fully agree on that point. I'm looking forward to getting some cool Sound Interface. My old 90' creative card just cannot process in real-time when it comes to recording and audio monitoring latency on my headphones is killing me off, so it's not even possible to synchronize each track "just-in-time". Even my iPhone 3GS with iRig midi and garageband is doing much better job. Latency is minimal, but I have to find some way to get transfer drums samples to iPhone, because that's the only flaw in my one-man-band "career".

    Originally Posted by Darkroman View Post
    Also your Battle Frontier Orchestral remix... well, you can't just take a MIDI file and replace each instrument with strings, brass, woodwinds and orchestra percussion. Add some dynamics there, a creative bassline brass, and that muted trumpet doesn't go well with the song. Also, I'm not sure what's up with that hi-hat metronome. Did you use airfont 380 for your orchestral composition?
    It's nice you pointed it out. I'm totally fresh, when it comes to Midi editing. I'm not really aware of "airfront" you've mentioned. Can you explain it to me?