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    White 2 Team (With Nicknames):
    Haxorus: Kenneth (Named after the character from 30 Rock)
    Aggron: Komuso (Named after the Buddhist monks)
    Chandelure: Kelvin (Named after the cloud formations not the temperature haha. It never clicked to me that the term wasn't just "Strange Weather Phenomena" related until later and my brain exploded)
    Samurott: Orion
    Eelektross: St. Elmo (Named after St. Elmo's Fire. The electrical phenomena to be exact)
    Flygon: Boaz

    Black 2 Team (With Nicknames):
    Emboar: Bakugami (Named after the character from Okami; God of Explosive Force)
    Hydreigon: Empire
    Espeon: Earth
    Magnezone: Tachigami (Named after a character from Okami; The God of Power Slash)
    Walrein: Faith [Named after my (second) favorite wild Killer Whale]
    Crobat: SR-71