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Which Eeveelution has the best design?
To me, Leafeon seems to have the best design. Its colors are very bright, and they seem to complement each other very well. Also, its eyes are extremely cut-looking. If I look at them too much, I might end up being hypnotized. xD"

Are you using an Eeveelution in Pokémon X&Y? Have you used other Eeveelutions in other versions before?
Hmm... I'm not actually sure. xD I may give Sylveon a try just to see how it goes. If I like it, then I will most likely keep it on my team. If not, then I'll replace it with another Pokémon. And yes, I have! I've used Umbreon in Pokémon Emerald before. It wasn't such a bad Pokémon, really. Due to its high defensive stats, it was a great Pokémon to wall your opponents with. Since it had access to Wish and Baton Pass, it was a good supporting Pokémon as well.