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Hi guys, I downloaded advance map 1.92, XSE (not sure what version), FSF and a fire red rom. I followed all the steps in opening advance map, choosing xse as the script editor in it. I used fsf to find free space, opened XSE, loaded the fire red rom and created a simple speaking script using the located dynamic offset. I compliled and copy/pasted the given offset into the 'script offset' box in advance map for a person event. As far as i can tell the script i wrote should work perfectly but it dosent. I load the rom, walk to the person the script was added to. Press A and nothing happens, if i press A a second time, there is a small beep and they look at me, but no text box and the game dosent lock as it should. Below is my script. Im running windows 8.

#dynamic 0x(FSF Offset)
#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6

#org @1
= Hi.\nMy name is Diego.