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    I don't have many expectations only two of them.

    Sky battles are all cool and all but now that I find out that the game is based on Norse Mythology as in the Tree of Life it'll be only logical for me to expect with great deal that there must be free roam in the Sky otherwise Gamefreak made a dumb move. If the region isn't located on a big fancy penguin rainbow tree in the middle of shooting wats of nowhere where space cats are floating around then I could understand. Ah, whatever I could always wait for the next Pokémon Ranger game if i want it so badly.

    Next one is the weather system. It has been dull for many generations now, I'd expect the weather system to be more advanced by now. Day/Night/Rain isn't going to cut it for me and the season changes aren't really an excuse either. What I'm expecting are natural disasters, okay this is a bit over the top but something like lightning strikes hitting the fan and you **** bricks when that happens could be awesome with Pokémons involved who possess that kind of power some unknown Boss lightning Pokémon who uses Lightning as second nature perhaps? /Random thought.
    Tornados or even vulcano erruptions could be awesome to see as well. Other then that random weather changes all over the maps other then Rain is what I expect the most. Fog, Hail, Wind Blows, Snow or even mixes. You know, that kind of stuff. But that should also effect the maps where normally the Pokémons are located; one of these element could change the Pokémon on the currently on the map to different one. That was the case with Day and Night times in the 2nd generation so I'd expect them to change it a little to this sorta likin', um.. Realistic weather, yeah that's the right sentence i'm looking for.

    Oh, Ruri (Yancy) is my waifu, Gamefreak better bring her back......Or else.
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