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Posting this message for Shawn, since he doesn't have fifteen posts yet and is unable to submit any links~

Small number of people joined this week, but, hey! The cookie crumbles! Anyway, the hi-scores:

2ND - SEATTLE - 24, 140
1ST - JSZIEDE - 28,810

Congrats, and more congrats, guys!

Now for this week, A blast from the past:


Now, pay attention, because this is important! You can attempt the challenge! For this week only, If you can manage to score at least 65,000 points in Space Invaders, you'll receive a very special emblem!

Be sure to have the proof in your posts!

As you know, If you want to enter for this week, all you need to do is go to this link to play the game (and please, only use this link because it shows your score after each game over):

And like before, after you've gotten a game over, be sure to save a screenshot of whatever score you've gotten, just as proof that you've actually gotten that score. Then, post your username, your score, and the screenshot of your score.

So, I wish you all good luck, and I hope you'll have fun during this week's Arcade Week, and good luck on this mini-challenge!
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