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Originally Posted by Corvidae
I think the biggest problem with this is that it's okay to some people to put down autistic people because there's so many idiots who play that card to get away with ****, and no, it's not just the internet. This problem is perhaps the biggest reason why I avoid the high-functioning autistic/aspie subculture since there's so many parents that think this **** is okay. Usually it's the really mild people, or the people who self diagnose, and they do it for attention or to get away with being an *******. But this kid isn't playing any cards, he truly suffers greatly from his disability. But obviously that's not good enough for some people.
Thank you for posting this. The fact that high-functioning autism is mis-used so much is poisonous towards people who are actually mildly autistic. As someone who has slightly impared social skills and gets lost in my thoughts (very stereotypical of ASD, a syndrome I was diagonsed with for 10 years) , having social skill issues does not give you a good excuse for acting like a ****ing ****face.

It's your responsibility, and anyone with even a very mild case of autism should stay out of situations that you can't cope with.

As for the **** who wrote the letter, I think she is mis-informed on autism and just uses it as a loose scapegoat. The lack of empathy in the letter makes me think that she may also have autism as well.

If you are writing a hate letter and you sound like the person you hate because of your characteristics, you have failed.
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