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White 2 Ground Monotype, Update #1

This run will be on Set battle style the whole time, as with all the others.

-Started the game. Chose the boy and named him Alex. Kept the rival's name as Hugh.
-Chose Tepig and named it Rumper.
-Did the usual opening stuff, helped the ranch owner, helped Alder's students, etc.
-Challenged Cheren and beat him fairly easily due to Rumper having Defense Curl and Flame Charge.
-Got the Habitat List from Bianca.
-Rumper evolved into Pignite.
-Arrived in Virbank City.
-Beat the trainers in the Virbank Complex and did everything there.
-Beat Roxie with Pignite, thanks to Tail Whip coming in handy.
-Did the stuff at Pokéstar Studios.
-Got Team Plasma out of Virbank City.
-Arrived in Castelia City.
-Got the Dowsing Machine from Bianca.
-Went to Route 4 and caught our first real team member, Gharial the Sandile.
-Went through the Castelia Sewers and took on Team Plasma.
-In the Relic Passage, caught a Drilbur named Marsupial and an Onix named Shandra.
-Beat the trainers in the Relic Passage and the Battle Company.
-Got some of the rare items scattered throughout.

Here's my team:

Sandile (M) "Gharial", Level 21
Nature: Careful
Ability: Moxie
Moves: Bite, Sand Tomb, Sand-Attack, Torment

Drilbur (M) "Marsupial", Level 20
Nature: Careful
Ability: Sand Force
Moves: Dig, Fury Swipes, Metal Claw, Mud-Slap

Onix (F) "Shandra", Level 21
Nature: Naive
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock
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