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KoolKat vs. Lucas, because it's one of those threads we have exempt from the revival rule, I've merged your topic with the previous discussion, Player Customization.

Originally Posted by Perdition Haze View Post
Character customization is the thing that I love most about Pokémon X and Y. I've always wanted to make my character look differently than the ones of other people, and now, I finally can. I just hope they don't limit us only to a few outfits, though, because that would absolutely suck. They should allow us to download (or maybe even purchase) new sets of outfits online. Could be even better if they enabled us to design our own outfits!

Also, are we permitted to change the size of our body and the style of our hair, or are we allowed to just change their colors?
Not sure about body size, but from what they've shown so far of character customization, there are a few different hairstyles to choose from it seems. We'll also be able to get new outfits and accessories later in the game that we can change into whenever we go back home.
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