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Cape City

Generals Hazone and Belas both stared at the Salamence as he lectured them on the manners by which war. It was a trivial thing. They had both had Pokemon step over the bounds of their duty by trying to 'correct' them in the past. There were always Pokemon like that. Hazone knew how to deal with them. Belas generally just shouted them down. Because the specific Pokemon happened to be a member of the Gold Tribe, neither of them immediately spoke ill of him. Instead, they allowed him to finish. They owed the fighter that much for his services thus far in the war. But by the time he was finished, Belas mumbled to himself.

"Well, if you ask me, she probably deserves cruel and unusual punishment anyway..."

"Belas," Hazone began, lifting up a hand to stop him.

"I'm just saying, at least let her decide what she wants to do. Maybe she still has some honor and wants to fight, eh?" He asked the Blaziken. "Do you then?"

Hazone shook his head, and turned to Blitzkrieg to answer him. "This has nothing to do with being a dragon, Blitzkrieg. And whether it's by your dragon blood or your Gold Tribe pride, either one of them are blinding you from understanding that what we're doing is for the best, while you seem to not realize exactly the situation at hand."

He placed two paws on the table, and looked the Salamence straight in the eyes. "The amount of time it would take to construct an entire underground path through Gold City would take far too long for the amount of time we have. We crafted one in Eternity City because there were already caverns below next to Poseida, it wouldn't have been too difficult to dig up to Eternity. Albia already had sewers below that long existed, so no digging was required. Cape City has the 'Thousand Tunnels' below, a maze that has existed as long as the city has, if not longer. We can't simply dig a tunnel far enough to avoid the miles of Ancients and all the way through Gold City!" He continued to stare at the Salamence as he explained. It would take a few miles out to begin digging without being spotted, and a few more miles to go all the way under the entire army, and then a few more miles just to reach Gold City. And there's no way to directly dig up from there. The ground below is crafted with gold plating to prevent underground sieges. That's how the city was designed! If we were to attempt this, it would take weeks, time we simply do not have."

"Understanding, noble Gold Tribe, that I do not ridicule your ideas. I am simply stating that I have a job in the Alpha Alliance, and that is to lead. Your job is to help with the fighting. We will, of course, take any advice you give, but only ones that are acceptable to do. Surely as a dragon, you would understand that."

Belas looked at the map, thinking long and hard. "However, Hazone, I do have one thing I agree about Blitzkrieg's plan. Flanking. Not from Gold City. I wouldn't think we'd be able to reach it in any conventional matter, digging or not. But...we could try to surround the torturehouse. By way of the Lake of Lull. One Force goes through the mountain pass, we could make it seem like the main force. The other goes by the river, it'll have to be mostly Water Pokemon, Flying Pokemon, or Pokemon that could swim. We surrounded the torturehouse, and we could take it from them!"

Hazone pondered this, placing a paw thoughtfully on his chin. He met eyes with Blitzkrieg, and gave him a slight smile. "That might actually work. We'd have to scout out the area some more as we prepare to see how much they are defending it, but the plan is feasible!"

"Well, now that we have a viable plan in motion, any other news to share?" Belas asked.


Silver City Torturehouse

"Heeheehee! I wouldn't think Auron wants us to lose. I can't be sure what he wants! I just know he wouldn't give up Silver City. And we won't simply wait. If they would come here, then we'll hit them with everything we have, and then some! But...I don't know if it's endless, no. I think it has an end. We just might be waiting for something. Something...important perhaps! Heeheehee! If that means to take everything back over again, then so be it! It was fun the first time, it might be even better the second!"

The Gengar laughed, adding to the sounds of screams, making it seem like a symphony of different noises within the torturehouse. "In the meantime, we will prepare the inside of this place. They will come here, and they'll be in for a surprise when they do!"

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