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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh kept silent throughout the general's addressing him, he owed them that much. the General's were blunt... at least General Hazone had the decency to object to cruel and unusual punishment, and to speak to Accatosh directly instead of mumbling under his breath.

    Accatosh simply nodded at times, in understanding. when Hazone mentioned that as a dragon he should understand what their doing... and Hazone was right they are trying to process all the possibilities at once... like what his father had to do sometimes, especially when he was in meeting with the other head dragons. Accatosh had only experienced this a few times... and that few times did not give him the right to be angry with Hazone who was more experienced in battle strategy than he was.

    Accatosh was relieved when they saw that his idea brought forward a better possibility for battle... flanking them using the mountains and the lake, when this was mentioned, Hazone pondered it and then smiled, Accatosh had brought forward an idea that would help them win this war, he felt accomplished, and smiled in return.

    "Well, now that we have a viable plan in motion, any other news to share?" Belas asked.

    Accatosh thought for a moment, he wasn't much of a scout, more of a hit fast and hard kind of fellow... but he could help in some way, "I'll do my best to help in any way I can," he looked at the map, "let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do... the plan is a solid one."

    Accatosh whispered to Hazone, "Hazone... I meant no disrespect when I spoke out, but we had to be unpredictable... and from all that I've heard there has been a nasty record of a pattern in attacks, underground then above ground assults... so I was concerned that we would repeat that, that's why I suggested the three front idea... however I didn't know the set up of Gold City... only in rumor, Since I was never stationed there... except to help repel the invaision. my apologies for the disrespect... and I do understand your angle... My father would have liked your plan if he was here."