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    Virtual reality I could definitely see happening one day... not in the next few years, but I believe that within the next few decades, it will be the primary form of gaming. Nintendo and Microsoft have already tested very primitive virtual reality systems, although they are no where near where they would need to be for effective and enjoyable gaming, nor would they be something that anyone but the very rich could afford. I don't think that any major corporation would put out such a system until it was at least something that the middle class could afford.

    By the time virtual reality is in common use, I don't think that Pokemon games will be being made any more. As unfortunate as it is to say, we're almost twenty years into the franchise, and I don't think there are another twenty years left. I could be wrong, but I would be very surprised if there was ever a Pokemon game made for a VR console. It would be a very welcome surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

    To be honest, converting a human into data and putting them into a video game seems highly impossible - and even if it was possible, it would be a very silly way to get the virtual reality experience, as there are much similar ways to get the same thing.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.
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