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    Originally Posted by *Icecold* View Post
    Some people aren't so optimistic and accepting you know. Not all of these features are that amazing to me. I'll like/dislike them when I actually know what the heck most of this stuff really is. Oh mega evolutions! Should I automatically love them even though I've never used one and most of the information about them is not all released? Oh and new Pokémon! I can't just judge which ones I'm going to use on appearance.

    And I only seem to be so negative on this one topic. You can't assume things about people from a few measly comments. I'm not that excited for this generation and you are. Big deal! I don't have a problem with that! I'm just hoping it isn't a disappointment because, as I believe I'm stated before, Generation 5 was and if it becomes a lot like it then I won't be very happy.
    I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to make a judgement about you as a person. I was just suggesting you lighten up a bit in regards to this specific instance. It seems like you are simply more willing to see something in relation to X&Y as negative, rather than positive.

    There are so many awesome new features coming! PSS, Super Training, Pokemon-Amie, new trading mechanics (trade for Pokemon you haven't seen before), all of the awesome new Pokemon that have been announced, Social network integration (I, for one, am excited to take cute pictures with Photo Spots and share them on Facebook!), Sky Battles, Hordes, Fairy-type, and a bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten. Never mind how awesome the games look!

    My expectations have been completely blown out of the water already! Looking at what Gamefreak has been doing for the past few generations, they didn't really change much between R/S/E - to - B/W in terms of the game's mechanics. Sure there were a bunch of new battle styles, online trading, etc... But X & Y look like they are going to bring a HUGE update to the series!
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