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Ryan Cutlass - Water Bender

"Come on, lad! One more!" "Bah, the kid can't do it." "Pretty good for his age, you gotta give 'im that." "I could do better." "He better hit it, or he's screwed." "He should know better than to mess with the captain's son, though." "He's got more experience, mate." "That don't change nothin'!" "It does, he's already shot down 3 of 'em and-" "Would ye all shut up? They're concentrating, ye scumrats!"

The crew of sailors that were gathered around the two men quietened down. Pinned to the ship's mast and deck were 10 targets, each the size of an average football. The point of the challenge was to hit all 10 targets in record time, and whoever would get the fastest time would win the bet. Sounds easy, right? That was what Ryan thought before realizing he had challenged an earth bender.

The large, bulky man had already smashed all the targets in less than 6 seconds, and the young waterbender thought of how he could save his money .

Well, damn. Should've lowered that bet a little, I won't have enough money to pay for anything else later. Can't talk my way out of it, too...

He knew the only way to actually win this - oh, who was he kidding, it was a stupid idea anyway - was to be in two places at once. And he couldn't -

"Unless..." he muttered under his breath, smiling. He looked at the man with the timer, and gestured at him to start it. "Three... Two... One... start!"

In a flash, four blobs of water lunged out of the ocean, darting towards the targets and barely avoiding the other crewmen. Ryan quickly unscrewed the cap off the bottle on his waist, and pointed at two other targets, mimicking a gun-point with his hand.

"BOOM SHAKALAKALAKA!" he yelled, and brought on cheers from the other crewmen. Immediately two "bullets" of water shot straight out of the bottle, touched his fingers and shot at the two targets, which were nailed to the floor. Then, he raised his fist and punched towards three other targets which were nailed to the front of the ship. Quickly a wave rose from the water, smashing them into pieces. Everyone watched in anticipation as the last target, which was the highest up the mast, remained.

Bringing two fingers to his mouth, Ryan let out a high-pitched whistle. Instants later a small, grey, torpedo-like figure dashed out of the water, hitting the last target, breaking it in half. Ryan sighed in relief.

The crowd of sailors cheered, and laughed at the angry Earthbender who had lost the bet. One of them walked up to Ryan and put a hand on his shoulder. "Good going, lad! Five seconds and a half, pretty impressive!"

"Thanks, mate. But sill, I wouldn't have done it without - hey!" He looked up at the grey figure that had smashed the last target. "You can get down there now, you know!" Ryan laughed as he noticed Falco was apparently stuck to the wood.

"One of ye monkeys get the bird down!" the sailor told the others.

Ryan looked out at sea, squinting. He could just barely notice the mountains and skyscrapers of Republic City. "We're almost there, sweet."

Half an hour later, the ship had reached the docks. As Ryan's father, who was the captain of the three ships, filled in all necessary paperwork (it was necessary nowadays due to the large amount of illegal trade happening), Ryan strolled around the deck, hands in his pocket, with his Water Falcon resting on his shoulder; quietly eyeing the local folk (mostly the ladies).

A few moments later, his father appeared, and gestured towards the crewmen. "Load off the goods, boys!"

He looked at his son, who was still walking around aimlessly. He walked up to him. "We'll be here for some time, you know. It'll probably be a few months till the next load of goods comes to town, so make yourself useful, lad, and help those men with the cargo. Then you're free to go wherever you want. You know where your uncle's appartment is, right?"

"Yeah, come on, I've been there millions of times!"

Ryan was used to his father giving him so much freedom. It wasn't his first time going to Republic City, as he had gone on many occasions - sometimes even alone.

"Well then, take care of yourself, lad. Oh, and..." he came up close and muttered to him. "Don't get in trouble with any girls."

After helping the crew unload the cargo, and waving good-bye to his father, Ryan whistled to call back Falco (who had for some reason wandered off to the depth of the ocean again) and made his way towards the large, bustling city.

Well, this is gonna be a fun day.
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