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    I'm really interested in the Corrupted position, though I'd also like to try my hand at either a Selected or EEO. If I made sure and gave you one of the latter, would you protest to one more Corrupted?


    K?yeh- (The pronunciation of the name is almost like feedback from two microphones too close together, beginning with a 'k' sound and ending with a slight 'eh'.)

    Age: 25

    Gender: female

    Appearance: K?yeh- will appear to have long red hair tied up into a neat ponytail. The ponytail does not move at all when she herself is in motion and does not respond to wind, rain, or shaking her head. However when she stands still it whips around wildly as though she's in a storm. Her eyes are a flat green without the definition eyes are supposed to have in the iris. From a distance her pupils look black like they should be, but up close it looks as though she doesn't have pupils so much as her eyes cease to have color in the middle. Not matching her hair, her eyelashes are purely transparent. Her skin is fair and does not freckle, burn, or tan.

    She wears short black shorts with a white belt slung around her waist. Like any normal trainer, six Pokeballs are attached to this belt. Her tennis shoes are white wih black accents. From time to time the shoes will flicker out of existence. When this happens her legs seem to stop at her ankles and she appears to hover rather than walk.

    While she is in motion she seems normal most of the time. However, at times she'll skip a step and appear to be standing still, though she continues to move forward. Rarely she'll disappear entirely, though if she makes sound or disturbs anything she can still be seen or heard.

    When she speaks it seems as though she has no grasp of human language. It mostly comes out as lupine growls and snarls, though her mouth moves as if she's forming words. When she does spit out an actual word it usually sounds electronic and distorted.

    Corrupted - K?yeh- is not particularly aggressive, though she is dangerous. She is not a threat by nature but when confronted or questioned about something that doesn't seem right she may lash out suddenly. Particularly when she disappears from the visible spectrum and reappears she will become disoriented and at times violent. Her mind functions like a corrupted save file. She may take in a lot of information at once and store it carefully, and then it could just as quickly disappear. This does occur most commonly with the physical disappearances.

    She sees her Pokemon team as her family. When her Pokemon are called out she tends to forget that she is human, or at least appears to be, and she obviously relates more to them than anything else. She can communicate with them though their cries are not what should be expected from a Pokemon.

    Tamed - Ky?eh- will finally master human speech, though her voice will always carry that electronic tone. She will always be able to communicate clearly with her Pokemon in the strange garbled growl. Once she accepts humans she will go by "Ky". Her memory problems will continue but she will slowly begin to retain more, particularly if she finds human companions to bond to. As she was not aggressive before, she will be a generally calm and placid individual who enjoys companionship. Once she is tamed her love for learning and understanding will show through.

    Glitch Preference:
    Catch Trainers' Pokemon - Ky?eh- can remove Pokemon from the possesion of others at will. She does not throw Pokeballs. If she touches the Pokemon a portion of it grows pixelated and strange. This distortion does not go away. After this the Pokemon seems drawn to her and will only respond to Corrupted people and Pokemon.

    Weather Anomaly - The weather around Ky?eh- is sometimes different from everywhere else. It may rain while the sun's out, be warm and clear during a storm, and snow during the summer. Very rarely a cyclone will form around her and, as usual, not rustle her hair or clothing in the slightest. This small tornado does however affect others. Depending on the severity it can cause major problems in her vicinity.

    Anything Else?: Of all of her Pokemon, Ky?eh- is obviously the most bonded to S^j%/8. When he is called out her speech can be perfectly human, though it comes out in a male voice.

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