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    With all the talk of the Kalos starters, I thought it'd be cool to revisit previous generations and discuss which starter Pokémon are our favorites, and which ones are our least favorites.

    I'll start first.

    Favorites: Its a tie between Typhlosion and Samurott, with Infernape as a close second favorite
    • Cyndaquil was the first starter I ever chose back in Pokémon Silver. Therefore, its a special one to me. I also like the rest of the Johnto starters, but Typhlosion was a beast. I remember being 9 years old and calling up my best friend at the time to tell him how my Quilava had just evolved into a Typhlosion. Ah, good times.
    • Samurott is also one of my favorites just...because. His design is awesome. I find it so cool that a starter that everyone thought was the ugliest of them all (Oshawott) turned out to have the coolest final form out of all the Unova starters. He's also a very reliable battler. Pretty much a very dependable powerhouse.
    • Infernape. I love the design. That cool flaming Hanuman style. Plus, Chimchar is unique among the starters, in my opinion. I would never have imagined a starter Pokémon based on a chimp or monkey. I would have thought that any sort of primate was too human-like for them, as the starters were traditionally based on animals a little lower on the evolutionary tree like lizards, turtles, chickens, and crocodiles.

    Least Favorites: Venusaur and Emboar
    • I know Venusaur gets a lot of love, but its not one of my favorites. Its not bad at all, but its just...okay. I'd much rather have Charizard or Blastoise. I think the real problem I have with Venusaur is that the Bulbasaur evolutionary family shows the least transformation along its evolutionary line of any of the Kanto starters. I mean, Venusaur is really just a bigger, fatter, more intimidating version of Bulbasaur, with a big flower on its back instead of a bulb. Charizard and Blastoise at least show marked change from their original forms, changing in color, size, and even basic body structure.
    • Emboar just looks ridiculous and its not that reliable of a battler. It looks like it should be a powerhouse, but its not. Plus the fact that its the THIRD Fire/Fighting starter doesn't really endear me to it either.