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    my favorites are charmander,squirtle,the jhoto starters and my least faveorites are the 4th and 5th gen ones really. i think mainly for 1st and 2nd gen starters were really good with good evolutionary line and i think they were good in the anime too. tepig and oshowot for me are not that great in terms of looks and in the anime find them annoying.i completly agree with your view on Venasaur although i still find it better than emboar.i think cyndaquil is really good too. i think as the generations have gone on they have gradually got worse in my im still not sold on the x and y starters.i have warmed to them and accepted them but froakie and chespin i think are very basic designs,lets draw a frog now add white bubbles round its neck increase the eye size there done and chespin lets just add a green hat on to indicate it is a grass type.