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well in that regard, dont just dip the foot in the water, push the player in and make them drown - dont let them be "the hero who sometimes abuses a few pokemon and puts them through inhumane processes, but other times saves ones he likes" no no no, make it a definite choice, either you save pokemon from this bane of existence in the Pokemon world, or you create and promote it - there shouldnt be grey areas on that, because when it's brought to the light, its all black

if you make it in this way, you can have alternate endings that would be ore fun in the end - you can have the player be the hero, saving the pokemon and defeating bad guys, or have the player choose to be the evil - have them "choose team rocket on the nugget bridge" make them fight those who oppose their evil, and defeat "heros" and have them capture player pokemon, or wild pokemon, or even both, and then have them become shadow pokemon

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