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    Awww; I for one really liked the contrast between the graphics and the overworlds. I'm curious, if you switch to pixel graphics, will it still have the same collision properties as it has had?

    But I'm really pumped for this! O wO The overhauled battle system is fantastic, I really love the sprites, and I'm just over all fangirling. Wonderful work! <3
    Haha you're the first to like the overworlds! Again, I'm still experimenting with the art design, so nothing is set in stone yet. My current plan on the matter is to move the vector style graphics from the overworld to the battle backgrounds, and use traditional sprites on the overworld instead. The contrast between the vector backgrounds and pixelated NPCs/pokemon was intentional, but I think it could be put to better use in the battle window. And yes, the collision properties are staying no matter what visual style is used

    Glad you enjoyed the battle system! That's what I'm focusing most of my attention on anyway for Evoas. I'll try to post updates here more frequently!