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Squirtle is my favorite starter Pokémon. It was the first Pokémon that I've ever had, and it looks simply astonishing when it finally evolves into a Blastoise. The canons on its back are amazing, and I love the way how it's able to take them in and out of its shell so quickly. Battling-wise, this Pokémon isn't so bad. It may not be used too often, but it has decent defensive stats and it's a great user of Rapid Spin. If it had a few recovery moves in its arsenal, maybe people would have used it more. Charizard is my favorite as well. I'm a big fan of its design. (:

My least favorite starter Pokémon would have to beeee... Sceptile. xD" It does have good Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats, and some people are able to utilize this Pokémon quite nicely, but I'm certainly not one of those people.