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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
Yeah, even if it's for a demo it's only allowed if the file was made to be freely available by the creators in the first place.

In case you're wondering about the X&Y demo btw, that's not coming out any time soon in rom form. It's on the 3DS, and nobody's been able to hack it let alone dump roms of them yet.
Yeah, uh...

Your kinda behind on that actually. While not a true hack, their have been some exploits. DS mode was hacked pretty much immediately, and the first usable 3ds exploit was shown last December. The group behind it didn't release any specific details about it, but they did have pictures showing that their exploit was real. The exploit was patched with the next firmware though.

Additionally, we've been able to dump 3DS roms since mid 2011. The first 3DS rom dump was EU version of Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. However the dumping process has been very slow, with only 372 roms dumped so far. This number isn't due to complexity of the dumping process, rather there are only a few groups dumping roms and none of them are that eager to share their methods with other groups.

Also, the first flashcart for the 3DS was released mid last month. Right now it's limited to 3DS's running FW 4.5, however the flashcart supports firmware spoofing for 5.1 and bypasses the region lock. It doesn't support spoofing to higher versions yet, since none of the currently dumped games require anything higher.
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