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Cape City

"There is no need to apologize, Blitzkrieg," Hazone whispered back to his fellow Dragon. "I understand. You want to take back the city just as much as I do. I'll share a toast with you in the city once it's our, yes?" He said, adding a warm smile to the Salamence.

The building was quiet once again when TrueStriker chose this moment to mention the thieves. It caught most of them by surprise, but Zane was shocked that they had chosen to approach him, a Gold Tribe member, in the first place. It seemed in desperation, even the thieves would ally temporarily to fight a 'greater evil', or so they would say. Zane heard Gallant scoff in the corner of the room, rolling his eyes. He, of course wasn't going to immediately share his opinions, but Zane knew for a fact that the Sawk didn't support this action. It would probably resonate as a harder decision with older Gold Tribe members, who have long memories, and who have been fighting the likes of thieves since long before this war. But he respected Gallant's decision not to bring the argument up. As much as he despised thieves, every asset was needed.

"Well," Belas began. "I couldn't very well deny them their chance, especially when I've given...other parties of similar distinction that same opportunity." He didn't have to say anything for Zane not to know he referred to the Affiliates. "They can help with the scouting, but we'll be watching them." He shook his head. "Damn what will happen to all of this by the end of the war." He muttered to himself, though not quite low enough that the others wouldn't have heard.

Vera's mention of Sentry as having a larger role in all of this all of a sudden made him remember of a brief encounter they had with Sentry, long in the start of the resistance process. They were traveling to Poseida Village en route to Eternity City to begin the liberation process, as General Belas suggested they do in the letter they found in Liberty Town. Along the way, in the desert known as the Wastes of Will, the Sentinel Sentry was there. Now that he recalled that event, Zane couldn't come up with any good reason why the Scizor would have been in that area in the first place. There was nothing of interest out there for the Sentinels, or specifically for Auron. Was there? Perhaps it was one of those special tasks Vera mention, but he didn't let the memory bother him much more.

"We already took down the body yesterday. It wasn't a pleasant sight to see for the troops or the refugees, no matter who it was...we even gave the bastard a burial," Belas boomed, then lowered his voice as he added in his own thoughts on it, "Although honestly, I wouldn't say the Pokemon ever warranted one. Scoundrel, he was..."

Hazone decided to cut Belas off, probably preventing him from saying too much on the subject publicly. "I suppose we could inform the thieves where we buried him. They would want to pay final respects and such," The Dragon then quieted down, looking among the faces of the Gold Tribe members, the Alpha Alliance officers, and the Affiliates present. "Well...I suppose this is it...I will set the marker for the march. Six days from today should do it," Hazone began to depart from his position at the table, proceeding to begin with the planning. "Good luck with all of your preparations...Arceus be with us all."

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