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Cape City

As everyone was about to leave, thinking the meeting was over, another Pokemon appeared. Allora burst through the doors, and, seeing that the meeting had most likely just finished, she shouted


She walked dizzily to the table around which everyone was gathered. Though there was nothing visibly wrong with her, she felt her weak mind beginning to slip into unconsciousness. "It's Paladin..." she muttered, loud enough for most Pokemon to hear. "He's... dead."

And with that, she fell to the ground, no longer to keep herself from fading.

Chaos's mind

"This place is mine now. All mine! And yours, of course. It's ours! But... mostly mine, still."

"What are you?"

"Oh, you want to know, do you? I assumed you'd already figured it out.

"You're supposed to be my 'dark side'. But it has to be more than that. You weren't always here. What are you really?"

"Stupid old Paladin. Memory still a bit hazy, eh? Allow me to refresh it."

A familiar sight. Paladin found himself in the plains of Valkaria. Before him, he saw himself and a large, menacing Haxorus ready to face off. All around them, smaller Pokemon - mainly Ancients and Alpha Alliance soldiers - fought and killed each other, but the two giants were unaffected by the surrounding chaos.

"What have you become?" Paladin asked Auron.

"I remember this."

Auron only growled like a wild Pokemon. Without another word, the two charged at each other. Paladin flew at him while Auron ran until they rammed into each other with incredible force, sending each other toppling over, crushing dozens of Ancients and soldiers in the process. Paladin was the first to arise, followed swiftly by Auron. They only shouted at each other as they charged again, fists and claws at the ready. Then, just before they hit, the image went to black.

"The battle of Gold City. I knew something terrible had happened there."

"That's not the end of it."

The scene shifted again. Paladin heard nothing but screams around him, and quickly realized that this memory was set in a torturehouse. Strapped to the floor with incredibly large bindings was Paladin, and around him stood three figures: Frost, Sentry, and Auron himself.

Auron took something off of his neck. The crystal at the end of the string shined a bright silver, despite the fact that there was nothing but murky darkness surrounding it.

"You're sure this'll work?" Sentry asked.

Frost turned to him, a malevolent grin on her face. "If it doesn't, he'll automatically shut down. Relax."

Then, she turned to Auron. "Remind me what all this is for again?"

Auron said nothing. He only handed her the crystal. Frost took it and held it up before the trapped, barely conscious Paladin's face. Instantly, things began to change. Paladin felt a strong surge of pain creep up one side of his body, and began thrashing about, but was unable to release himself from the restraints. He screamed louder than any of the other Pokemon in that instant, his cries echoing throughout the entire structure as the pain increased. Frost only kept holding the crystal before him, that grin still plastered on her face.

"Go to sleep now, big boy. You've got a big day ahead tomorrow," she lulled.

The scene faded.

"What in Arceus's name was that?"

"That, Paladin, was my birth..."