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    The darkly crimson fox parried the flaming tail, with a rather undulating rebuttal from its jagged claws, bathed in dark aura, and then, swiftly leaping backwards, to properly countervail an expectant onslaught. Yet still, the unflinching Zoroark parried the forthcoming strikes, with its yet still jagged claws, as the crimson foe further advanced. Taking especial notice of the crimson foe's considerably low approach, Zoroark, then, leaped onto its bright, red tail, and hurriedly somersaulted, thus eluding the searing flame and circumventing through the cerise reptilian's blind spot, its somersault descending behind the crimson- tinted Charmeleon.

    Maya smiled. It's time to press our advantage even further!

    In a blink of an eye, the darkly crimson vulpine swiftly lunged forward, behind its crimson foe, and propelled an unrelenting overhead strike, only to alter its advance into a lightning- fast thrust mid stance, to, once again, catch the foe properly off guard.
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