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What do you guys prefere the classic video games you loved as a child, or the modern day extremely photo realistic games of the modern day?

I personally have more of a liking for the classic games, such as Donkey Kong Country, Bomberman and the n64 Zelda games, this is mainly due to the fact I loved them as a kid and kept that love going through my life, Once I reached college which was a gaming course, my love of the classics was allowed to blossom even more and I feel that is why I have such a love of the Hoenn pokemon games, because of simplicity yet great features.. of course modern games like Bioshock and Borderlands which really get my graphic juices flowing and of course I will always be a sucker for the FPS games like Halo, COD and Battlefield, but in the end I will always have a love of the classics more.

So i ask you all, Classics or Modern? Also what games do you enjoy now and as a child?
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