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Davian Krotesse: The Challenges of boredom for a man who already knows girls just complicate things.

Davian blinked when he realized he had been talking to himself and looked around to make sure he hadn't drawn any attention to himself. It became clear he hadn't really bothered the girl next to him with one look, she was already getting up and walking away. He did a double take Wait what was that? She...I know her... She was walking towards the arguing girls, he decided to observe, but he didn't approve of men watching women in public unless they're dangerous so he merely leaned back once again and closed his eyes, all the better to hear them.

He hadn't been paying too much attention earlier but once he started listening Davian quickly realized the arguing girls were Julienne and Angelique-quite the name for such an un-angelic girl then again he shouldn't judge, he was no beacon of kindness and manners. It wasn't long before he learned it was wise not to pass judgement because once the petite girl - Ling Xiao he thought he heard - spoke Angelique became very apologetic. She definitely handled it better than HE would have. Something was off about the way Ling acted...what was she apologizing for? She was just relaxing and forcing down spicy junk food when those other two girls started making a racket and 'disturbing the peace' as his old man would put it. Somehow he didn't get a feeling of sincerity from her.

He opened one eye to watch Ling Xiao return to the bench when her part in the discussion seemed to be over, and noted the parting of the two other girls for the sake of avoiding further argument. Natural Mediator eh? People need to be willing to fight for what they believe in...but fighting over something that's not important is such a waste of effort and animosity...I can respect someone who diffuses confrontation as long as they know when to stay out of-no...there's never a good enough reason to stay out of it. "You know." He paused for a moment and almost said 'that was impressive believe it or not' but decided to go in a different direction, one he was more curious of.

"You really shouldn't eat those things if you don't like spicy food, some people just aren't built for it, I can tell you don't like them, you're turning pink. The most stoic man in the world carved out of granite still has tells, besides you're sweating, if you keep eating those you'll get a stomach ache, your acid will go into overdrive and the next few meals you eat will be none too enjoyable either." He stood up and nabbed another Veleri coin from his pouch and scowled at it with pure disdain before tossing it seemingly haphazardly back towards her, he was confident she would catch it. "Get yourself some food that'll make your stomach leap for joy instead of whimper in self pity." He shoved his hands in his pockets and stood there a moment longer until he felt the bright orange warmth of a sinking sun hit the back of his head and had an idea to spend a bit more time and walked to an unmanned little corner of the station where he might not be noticed by more than one or two people.

After he felt satisfied that nobody who would have any reason to give a crap about him or his actions would see him he slipped the drawstrings off his belt bags and allowed the two bowling ball sized spheres of almost alien metal slip out before suspending them in the air with a bit of bending, floated them up to his hands and grasped them. After a moment the right orb morphed into a straight, perfectly symmetrical double edged hand-and-a-half sword and the left became a triangular shield molded perfectly to the point where it looked grafted onto his forearm, with an emblem of two crossed blades on it. He tapped the sword on the shield once, normally he would bang it but he didn't want to draw any more attention than whomever might randomly wander over there.

With his opening ritual over he thrust the sword directly forward fast enough that one could hear the air parting before it just as the flesh of anybody he aimed it at would if it struck them. Then he followed up with a cross slash to the right and braced his shield in front of him as if to ward off a blow before slamming it forward in a mock bash that would throw a target off balance topped with one final overhead slash to bisect his imaginary opponent. Satisfied the fictitious enemy was vanquished the sword reshaped into a single edge slightly curved blade with a royal shaped cutlass hand guard, the shield melted and reformed into an identical blade. Davian did more poses similar to his sword-and-shield poses but focused more on graceful ferocity, quick but very well balanced almost like a vicious dance made almost beautiful by the orange sunset radiance glinting off of the blades at different angles. Finally both weapons liquefied and combined, then elongated into a plan seven and a half foot plain metal quarterstaff. He spun it in one hand with a mixture of what skill he had and some extra kinetic force from a bit of bending to make an impressive speed before suddenly gripping it in both hands and slamming it down as if on someone's foot, then quickly sliding his hands to the bottom of the staff and simultaneously thrusting upward into the phantom's chin.

Davian stretched with the staff still in his right hand and admired the was his favorite thing about days, he still remembered when he and Bouho would...oh that's was the anniversary, how could he forget? But how would he...Davian snapped when he realized he still had bits of scrap in his bag, he pulled it off of his back and rooted around until he pulled out various small hunks of metal. "But how to shape it..." After another minute of thinking he decided he was stumped, returned the staff to the two orbs and replaced them in their pouches with the drawstrings tightened. He got back to the area around Zuko's statue and looked around till he saw someone dressed in Fire Bender attire and hoped it was indicative of their skills.

Davain turned away from the sight of the statue for a second and pulled one of the Omni-Orbs back out so he could shape it into a heat insulated bowl, the orbs hadn't responded to heat ever since they were finished. Once it was right he made his way over to her and for the first time since he had returned to Republic City he looked humble. "Excuse me...sorry to ask something like this out of the blue, but could you melt these scraps down for me? If it's not worth the trouble I can pay." His query was accompanied by a show of the bowl with the scrap metal in it. He hoped she would accept, he had to have the tribute finished before the sun finished setting, the station was a great place to see it so the sunset would last a bit longer but they still aren't known for dragging their feet...rays...wasting their time okay?

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