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    Why do you think people have accused you of being 'too perfect'? I have my own opinions, but I'd like to hear your side of the story.
    People look at me and they see a popular, smart, pretty girl who can easily make friends, make clothes, sing, bend, and more. They think I can do anything, but they're wrong. I like the flattery, though!

    Have you changed your mind about wanting to be the Avatar, or at least come to accept the fact that you are it? It's pretty obvious you didn't want to at first.
    Being the Avatar comes with lots of perks, so of course I'm okay with it now! Besides, it's not like all the Avatars had to face world-threatening circumstances, right?

    You say you think that there's 'probably some bad blood' between your parents and their siblings. What makes you think that? Do you know what the conflict is?
    I don't know what the cause is. Their harsh words when they meet are proof enough of a conflict, though. But I honestly don't know what it is.

    You will have to forgive my ignorance about all things Avatarish, but don't you as the Avatar need any physical prowess? Surely if this Order of the White Lotus is so fanatical, they would want you as perfectly suited to whatever it is that Avatars do as possible, and I assume that would involve not only bending training but physical training as well. If I'm correct - and I may well be wrong - why isn't that happening?
    The purpose of the Avatar is to maintain balance in the world, not to beat people up. It isn't all about fighting. It's an honest mistake to think that though, considering the accomplishments of my predecessors! Mastery of the elements isn't about power, it's about understanding. I am working hard to get stronger though, so don't worry! *flexes her arms jokingly*

    You have a pretty high opinion of yourself. Why is that? And does being the Avatar feed your ego at all?
    Sorry if I seem a little self centered. As liked as I am though, people don't quite understand how hard I've worked for all of this. It doesn't bother me, though and I am proud of it all! Being the Avatar actually does the opposite, considering that I've got the likes of Aang and Korra to compare myself to! You do need good self esteem and confidence if you want to be successful, though!

    Now, I've got a question for you! We can make this more like a nice conversation! Are you going to tell anyone what I've said here? You can't just go around telling everyone about a girl's private life, can you?
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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