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Bloodthirster was flying above Cape City, surveying the formation of the army of the Alpha Alliance. He scratched the scales of his head a few times, glancing at the north where he had traveled to the past days since the march. Now he'd come back to this. Look at them, being happy and all! he thought to himself. He had mixed emotions. This war was coming to an end... he wouldn't be able to kill freely after this. But he had become weary of fighting, oddly. Maybe he'd had his share for a lifetime. Or not.

His last trip to the north... something had set him off. There was this cave, where the bones of his mentor should have been...

It was empty. His mentor, an Aerodactyl, had risen, like the Ancients, possessed. I will find you, Bloodthirster had vowed, and if you are like them, I will end you. Let that be my first kill to the last chapter of my killing streak.

This was the end of the line. There would be no need for him to kill sentient Pokemon after this battle; either he died fighting, or they were successful and they brought Valkaria the freedom and peace they all longed for. Perhaps it was both for him. "The end of the line," he roared to the skies. That was where it all ended.