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    Zoroark managed to just narrowly avoid Charmeleon's Slash, it was onvious it was wearing thin on it's stamina. Yet to Seth and Charmeleon's surprise both the Pokemon still managed to lunge forth with yet another serise of lightning quick attacks. The first thrust was easy for Charmeleon to simply step backward and avoid, but the black Pokemon continued with a flurry of follow ups. Charmeleon weaved managing to avoid a few here and there, but was caught with an equal if not more. He blasted a wall of fire between the two and lept up to breath a steady stream of fire across the Arena to form a cross of fire with the intention of engulphing his opponent in the sea of flames. Landing on the ground he ran through said flame and proceeded to match Zoroark's claws with his own, but not making any connections.

    'Unbelieveable...' Seth pondered. His smug look soon vanished to one of pure astonishment. "Hahahaha! A shut out!" He started laughing Pokeball in hand. "If you were anyone else I'd be making a long painful speech reguarding your Zoroark..and how close you must be with it...Just before making it mine." Seth grew a smile, not one of his usual cockiness, but a true smile of appreciation. "But in your case...I can only say..." He held out the Pokeball, and returned Charmeleon to it's place. "You better not lose this thing!" 'Don't hold this agaisnt me Charmeleon. I'm sure you coulda handled Zoroark, and more than likly her choice of a second..but she'd have yet another to follow up with that, and with you out of the picture. Well I'd lose anyway.' With that Seth turned his back to Maya as a cascade of 'boos' rained upon him, but his smile didn't waver. As the announcer remained silent, simply dumbfounded.

    He lifted his hand in a wave motion making his way to the locker room. 'Hmm, told myself I'd see this one to the end...not really much of a reason to though.' He said pulling out one of his own Pyrite Tags. Looking at it momentarily he stuffed it back into it's case then returned said case to his pouch. He then pressed out of the locker room back to the observation area moving directly to Yuki's side. "Sorry man, haha. Looks like your not gunna get your shot at me after all. Good luck out there tomorrow." He said absolutly non-chalantly, his smile still holding, though it was quickly becomeing on of false emotion.
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