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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    All he did was grin as the Kecleon was grabbed and Gallant showed his true colors. It was humorous in a way that such a high and noble goldy would fall from his pedestal so quickly and show how the teachings of a lost caused affected him. The Kecleon gasped as he was freed and quickly backed against the wall as he blended in with the surroundings once more. Penance cocked his head as the shenanigans went on and on. He was slightly put off when Zane decreed they would not be using his tunnels, though he had to hand the Bisharp credit at his explanation. He was becoming wiser each and every day.

    As the meeting died down he ported away with his Abra hat and began planning. He knew WHAT he was aiming for, but the question was still HOW to do it without dying? It would be nearly impossibly. He knew that such a feat couldn't be possible, but it somehow had to have happened before! All he wanted was some way to get answers about the first time, but he knew that the Keeper wouldn't be likely to tell and that place he had guarded was bobby trapped to the extreme if he just left it willy nilly.

    No... this had to be solved. It was a quandrum, but at the same time he could have an ace in the sleeve if he didn't show all the cards at first. It was important to act cool in such a situation and then shove a stick right when they didn't expect it, problem was that they were also clever. They were keeping them away from the city for a purpose, and highly likely it was so that more powers could develop for Auron. It could even get to the point that he could take all of them on by just simply snapping his fingers.

    So for the days leading up to the march the Affiliates trained. It was really all they could do. The psychics were out so it was up to other guards to take up the slack, but as the Alpha Alliance formed up the Affiliates formed up apart from them. Although not as equipped as the soldiers they were still determined to go on. The flag bearers were out in front holding the Affiliate flags up high.

    Penance appeared with a poof next to Zane, "Heya there hero boy! Ready for a smack down?"

    The Abra on his head yawned, but it seemed he had brought friends. A familiar Marowak was with him as well as a Pawniard, "Hello Mr. Zane." Lashire said as he bowed a bit.

    Penance grinned, "Don't mind if we boogie with you down there, right?"