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    I finished my shower and began to dry off. Kaitlyn shouted through the door letting me know that the clothes were outside the door. I quickly took them before anyone could see me and after I dried enough, I put the clothes on. A dark blue shirt and a pair of black shorts. I thought about putting my hood on, but I didn't. Pandora probably wasn't even paying attention to Agate anymore. At least not at the moment. I still didn't sense that someone was watching. So I didn't think about it anymore. I now had a beard that I had not mentioned earlier. I doubted that anyone who knew me will even know it was me. I had changed so much. I had spent a year in the past becoming stronger. I maintained my hair a certain length because I did not like long hair on me, but I didn't worry about my beard. I looked at myself in the mirror before exiting the bathroom.

    I stepped into the cool hallway. It had extremely soft carpeting that felt like soft as.... well I don't know, but it was really soft. In the halls were pictures of Kaitlyn and her pokemon. In one picture, Kaitlyn was standing next to a happy looking Typhlosion, but I didn't see a Typhlosion. I wondered to myself were it was, but pushed it to the side for the time as the great smell of pizza overcame me. I walked through the halls and enter the Kitchen. There was 10 boxes of pizza on the counter. I walked over and grabbed three pieces and put them on a plate and went into the living room where all the pokemon and probably Kaitlyn were all in.

    In the room I saw all the pokemon of me and Kaitlyn eating together. There was also two new pokemon sitting with them and a second Pikachu, but the new Pikachu looked a bit shy. I noticed Eevee was eating next to it. The other two pokemon were a Heracross and yet another pokemon I had never seen in person, but I had heard rumors. It was a Gogoat, a grass type pokemon from the Kalos region.

    I saw Kaitlyn sitting over by her self on the couch, so I took a seat next to her and took a bite of the first slice of Pizza and put the plate on the table. I noticed Kaitlyn seemed a bit sad. Her green eyes seemed to water a little. She was in a light blue shirt and dark blue shorts. Her long dark red hair was in a ponytail and she slowly ate pizza.

    "Thanks for getting me some new clothes Kaitlyn. Is everything alright?" I asked.

    She snapped out of her daze. "Oh sorry Iruko, I didn't know you had finished. Yeah everything is fine.... Um I am going to go take a shower now. I smell like dirt." She said with a weary smile.

    I watched her walk out of the room, fairly quickly. Don't get the wrong idea from that, I was just watching her leave. Then I turned back to the pokemon.

    "Anyone happen to know what is wrong with Kaitlyn?" I asked looking at the pokemon.

    Azumarill was the one to stand

    Azu, Azu Azu Azu, Azumarill.

    I looked at Gardevoir and her voice entered my head. 'Azumarill says that Pizza brings back bad memories.'

    "Why?" I asked looking at Azumarill.

    Azu Azu.... Azumarill... Azu Azu. Azunarill spoke in pokemon talk

    'She says that when she was still a Marill, Kaitlyn use to eat Pizza all the time with two of her pokemon. Typhlosion, her first pokemon and a Sneasel. A few months ago, those two were stolen by the remnants of Team Cipher or Snagem. It was like 3 months after the Hoenn League we took place in not long ago.' Gardevoir's voice faded again.

    "Oh man.... now I feel horrible. She asked me what I wanted to eat and pizza was the first thing to come to my mind." I said, I didn't take another bite of pizza. I no longer felt like it, but I was still hungry.

    Azu Azu.

    Once again Gardevoir's voice entered my mind. 'Azumarill and the rest of Kaitlyn's pokemon say not to worry. It was time for Kaitlyn to reface the past, because now there is someone who can take them back. That person is you Iruko. Don't forget you can now snag pokemon from thieves.'

    I look at my bionic arm. It is true, I could steal those pokemon back for her, but I would need time and help. I thought back to Dan. I wondered if he knew anything.

    A few minutes later Kaitlyn came back. Her dark red hair was still soaked and she smelt really good, not that she smelt back to begin with. I knew it was an excuse so she didn't cry in front of me. I didn't bring anything up. I had already finished my pizza and got the pokemon to help clean up.

    I left Kaitlyn's pizza on her plate so she could finish. However, out of 10 boxes of pizza, only two were left. I guess even pokemon enjoyed pizza.

    "How about we go shopping? I need to get some new clothes and it isn't too late yet. Everything should still be open." I suggest.

    "Yay!" Kaitlyn let lose a squeek.

    What did I just do..... Women love shopping and spending money... I thought, but pushed it away.


    "Iruko is dead. No one can save you now." a man with all red said.

    "No you lie! Iruko can't be dead! He can't be!" A girl about Loryn's age cried.

    "Oh he is very dead. We tore him to pieces and scattered his remains across Orre." The man, the lier, the champion and the Police Officer fake said, turning his back.

    Gwyn and Iruko's parents sat helplessly tied up in a dark room with no windows and only one door. The room smelled like oil and fire. Deeper in, prisoners cried for help.

    The man slammed the door only to be met by the first of the Elite 4 members.

    "Sir, the northern prison has fallen. The man in charged escaped and disappeared. We don't know what happened to him and we don't know who was responsible." The man said.

    "WHAT!? How could another base fall! The only one who knows about us outside the team is Iruko! He is dead!" The champion yelled.

    "I am sorry sir, but we think the granddaughter of Eagun the First is responsible, Kaitlyn. And she seems to be leaving Orre very soon according to our reports. She has to go to Sinnoh this time for school." The first member said.

    The boss sighed, "Very well, when she goes to Sinnoh, take her and bring her back here. I will deal with her and her other pokemon. However, Ryan... you find Dan. He may be behind this as well. If he is.... kill him and his family and pokemon. Do not let them escape or you better hope I never see you again. Understand?" The boss commanded.

    "Yes sir." Ryan said and ran out.
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