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    I don't say anything to Seth. I'm too mad that he lost to say something to him. I was hoping we could battle... Seth makes his way out, so i too go. Second one to leave without a word. I guess since Maya one everyones in shock. It's true she is a good battler but her strategy is so easy to overthrow that I can't believe Seth didn't notice it. She had so many faults and times when her defence was on low, but Charmeloen held back. So did Seth. If I was in that situation I'd probably have gone for Skarmory. All those swift movement zorark done there could have been easily avoided by a few careful moves on Skamrory's part.

    I stil want to challeneg Seth however - to see how good he really is. The air is cold and bitter but this doesn't stop me from desiring a battle. I turn around as I know Seth is behind me.

    "Seth," I say, "I want to battle you. Right here, and right now."

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