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    Originally Posted by Le pug View Post
    Any specific conditions you'd like to see?
    Generally, I'm curious to see the gameplay's checkpoints. Normally, it's gym battles along with major storyline events. However, in an environment such as the Navy there's a lot to explore like going up in rank or deployment missions. Or, even becoming a SEAL.

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    Hey, it's Tcoppy. Uh, I'm on Team Discovery and I thought (with the permission of Le Pug) I would let you in on a very important feature.

    This feature is called Level of Will, we call it LOW for short. If you have played Darkcry: Legend of Giratina, it may remind you of Karma.

    LOW is, well, throughout the game you will be making a lot choices. The choices you make will change the story a little bit but it will still lead to the same ending, and will give you a reputation. There will be perks. If you have a high LOW (highest level 10), which you get from good choices (usually will +.1 or so points), you will recieve a very special pokemon, you will get pokemart discounts in good villages (which are most of the villages), you will be battled constantly, and the Renegade Company hates you, . If you have a low LOW (lowest level 0), which you get from bad choices (usually will -.2 or so points), pokemarts from bad villages will give you discounts, you will not be battled constantly, and instead of a very special pokemon, you get very special balls that will allow you to catch other people's pokemon. You start out at level 5.

    Another thing is that if you fight someone in a bad village and have a high LOW, you will be in transported to a good village. Vice versa if you have a low LOW.

    So that's all I'm going to say about LOW so I won't make a mistake a spoil something. Any questions or comments about LOW?
    Quite interesting.
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