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    Seeing the "Can not activate the GL rendering context" issue is not limited to a single person and seems to be more common, I decided to compare the actual code with that of SDSME 1.7.0, because up to that version there were no problems. I have found two commands which are supposed to run on startup and refresh the 3D renderers, and thus far I've been able to remove them without breaking the tool. Next version will include the change, and hopefully it will fix the issue. Sorry.

    I'm also working hard on scripts. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 aren't supported yet, but hopefully in 1.9.0 they will work (with limited support, script plugins won't work). There's an important bug in the current script engine too, which makes all Gen IV and V games to freeze during execution when compiling certain movements. In order to fix it, I'm rewriting most of the engine and scripts will now be loaded separately, even inside the same file.

    Finally, I'm writing a PDF user's guide for SDSME. The guide will be included and updated every time I finish a new section, and will include pictures and complete explanations of everything.

    I hope you're enjoying everything in SDSME. See ya
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