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Originally Posted by anhlong1122 View Post
Did you make a list of moves that need to be edited?
Acrobatic is really weak, my lvl 54 Infernape hit a lvl 54 Pinsir with Acrobatic and it only lost 1/4 HP bar, my Infernape have no item on
Acrobat has the same effect than Revenge. Like I said in the Read me, all moves with effect introduced in Gen IV/V are modified, some have similar effects, others just have more chance of critical hit.

Originally Posted by Spaceneedle444 View Post
Is there a list that shows the evolution levels of the Unova pokemon while they are equipped with the Unova Crown? Also, there is a battle theme against Trainer Loue that i really like, but can't find the audio file anywhere... can someone help?

or better yet, if anyone could tell me what game its from, that would help immensely
I put a list that I made almost 3 years ago in the spoiler. There the japanese name of the Unova pokémon previous form and the level that Unova Crown subtract for the level requirement. I aren't sure if this list is 100% accurate.
Tsutarja:  	1
Janoby:  	1
Pokabu:  	1
Chaobu:  	1
Mijumaru:  	1
Futachimaru:  	1
Minezumi:  	1
Yorterrie:  	1
Haderia:  	1
Choroneko:  	1
Mamepato:  	1
Hatoopoo:  	1
Shimama:  	1
Dangoro:  	5
Moguryuu:  	5
Dokkora:  	5
Otamaru:  	5
Gamagaru:  	1
Kurumiru:  	1
Futsude:  	5
Hoiiga:  	1
Meguroko:  	10
Warubiru:  	5
Darumakka: 	5	
Ishizumai:  	5	
Zuruggu:  	10	
Desumasu:  	5	
Purotoga:  	10
Aaken:  	10
Yabakuron:  	10
Zorua:  	5
Gochimu:  	10
Gochimiru:  	5
Yuniran:  	10
Daburan:  	5
Koaruhii:  	5
Banipucchi:  	15
Baniricchi:  	10
Shikijika:  	5
Tamagetake:  	10
Pururiru:  	10
Bachuru:  	10
Tesshido:  	10
Giaru:  	15
Gigiaru:  	10
Shibishirasu:  	15
Riguree:  	10
Hitomoshi:  	15
Kibago:  	15
Onodo:  	10
Kumashun: 	10
Kojofu:  	15
Gobitto:  	15
Komatana:  	15
Washibon:  	15
Baruchai:  	15
Monozu:  	15
Jiheddo:  	15
Meraruba:  	15

About the music, even I don't know XD. I probably picked from some pack. The file is Audio\BGM\Boss_06.mid (some folders are hidden),
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