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    I tried my best to narrow it down, but it was impossible for some of the types. I apologize in advance if I happen to insult a Pokemon someone likes. Remember that it's just my opinion and that I mean no disrespect towards anyone. >< Spoiler tag 'cause it's long.

    Bug: Pinsir, Shelmet
    Both are downright ugly and have creepy mouths.
    Dark: Drapion, Stunky/Skuntank
    Drapion looks like a scorpion that fused with a jack-in-the-box, and it's ugly. Real skunks are adorable, whereas Stunky and Skuntank are hideous.
    Dragon: Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence, Druddigon
    Bagon reminds me too much of Yoshi. Shelgon is just...I don't know, I just don't like it. Salamence's wings are stupid as h***. Druddigon is just really ugly.
    Electric: Stunfisk
    I literally said to myself "What the h*** is that?!" when I encountered it for the first time. It's facial animation scares me (as does Palpitoad's).
    Fairy: Swirlix
    That derpy face, and that tail that looks...disturbing.
    Fighting: Combusken, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Throh, Sawk
    I would have hated Combusken's design anyway, but ever since I read someone's opinion of what it looks like...cannot unsee. Hitmonchan, Throh, and Sawk look too human-like for my taste, and Throh and Sawk look like they should be part rock type. Hitmonlee's design is just too weird for me.
    Fire: Chimchar, Combusken
    Chimchar doesn't look right for a Pokemon, it looks more like a Sonic or Samba de Amigo character to me. Maybe it's the eyes. Also, it looks like it lit a fart on fire. See Fighting for Combusken.
    Flying: Pelipper, Tropius
    The shape of Pelipper's body, what is up with that? It looks like a flying axe. Tropius' "wings" are as stupid as Salamence's, not to mention the fact that bananas growing out of its neck just kind of grosses me out.
    Ghost: Cohagrigus, Spiritomb
    Both just seem like really lazy designs to me. And bad designs, at that.
    Grass: Exeggcute/Exeggcutor, Tangela
    Don't even get me started on Exeggcute and Exeggcutor. Someone really needs to explain to me how a bunch of rotting eggs turn into coconut heads on a walking palm tree. And even if they were unrelated, their designs are still terrible. Tangela's design is just stupid, especially the shoes. It reminds me of those old McDonald's mascots, the Fry Kids, which makes me hate it more (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just google image search it). Plus, I've done most of my post-game training in SoulSilver at the base of Mt. Silver, and Tangela are everywhere.
    Ground: Diglett/Dugtrio
    Lamest designs after Grimer/Muk. How can NO ONE know what the rest of their bodies look like?! Don't they get released inside buildings, or ever have to get serious medical treatment from injuries? Just stupid.
    Ice: Jynx
    She and her clothes look way too human-like (and I don't care that she's the "Human Shape" Pokemon).
    Normal: Happiny, Lickilicky, Patrat/Watchog, Smeargle
    I hate Happiny's design, especially the bumps on her head. Lickilicky is just stupid. I was so disturbed when I saw the artwork for Patrat and Watchog for the first time - their eyes are disturbing, and Watchog just has a plain hideous design. Smeargle just bugs me.
    Poison: Drapion, Garbodor, Stunky/Skuntank
    See Dark for Drapion, Stunky, and Skuntank. Garbodor is self-explanatory.
    Psychic: Exeggcute/Exeggcutor, Jynx, Mr. Mime
    See Grass and Ice. (Mr. Mime is in the same boat as Jynx.)
    Rock: Nosepass/Probobass
    Some of the worst designs for a Pokemon, imo. Don't know what else to say.
    Steel: Probopass
    See above.
    Water: Keldeo, Pelipper
    Keldeo looks like an awful My Little Pony fan character. I particularly hate its nose. See Flying for Pelipper.

    Woo, so nice to get that off my chest. XP