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    Maya smiled gratefully, as the rather blithe Rider all- too grandly congratulated her, pleasantly taking his soft hand, "Thanks Rider! Supportive as always, I see!"

    The brown- haired maiden reddened, the crimson tint becoming clearer with each word spoken, "But really.. thanks." Maya smiled jokingly, "I'll be looking forward to our battle! Surely I am! But.."

    She, albeit lightheartedly, prodded Rider, "Getting beaten by a girl isn't all- too bad, ya' know."

    "Though.. it might blemish your oh- so manly pride.. oh, and the all- too awful embarrassment.. don't even get me started on that.." She divulged, albeit jokingly.

    "So, what do you plan on doing, in the meantime?" Maya asked, rather eagerly. She winked lightheartedly, "Out to catch some bad guys again? Haha."
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