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    "Meh we'll battle tomorrow." I walk away so now I'm the one in front. I grab an apple to take away the bitterness that seems to be left in my mouth after not having a decent apple and being turned down before heading home. I'm tired, and restless and I need some sleep. I suppose today just gave me the advantage, letting me know Maya's tactic will allow me to win for sure. I wonder who I am actually battling next?

    I lay on my bed and let my pokemon out . they all prepare themselves. They too look a bit disappointed that they didn't battle, but that's okay, I guess. The audience must be really shocked now.... I wonder why the game makers didn't jolt that zoroark with something to let Seth win.... It would have kept the audience watching I'm guessing they've already erased all products concerning Seth, and many people have just gone bankrupted. Haha nice one Maya.

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