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    Originally Posted by Le pug View Post
    Well I can already go ahead and spoil the fact that we aren't doing gym battles, in the sense that you're not battling just to get badges. Instead of badges, they will be apart of the story and something you NEED to get if you want to get off the land. The quest of the story is figuring out how to get off the land and overcoming any obstacles that are presented to you.

    I'm not really sure about going up in rank, though it's a nice idea, but for the story I don't see how it would benefit the player when we already have a leveling system, Level of Will (LOW).
    Fair enough. You're right too. Being stranded on an island, there would be no power to ranking up or following a chain of command.

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    I do like the idea of going up the ranks, but like Le Pug said, we do not see it effecting the story in a way like LOW is.
    Once again, fair enough. I'm a little ticked. I'm a bit of a Navy enthusiast and love to see it in a Pokemon Hack, so it's a bummer.

    However, I'm more so a proponent of good storytelling and I can't see its purpose in a stranded situation. But, I am definitely curious as to what those checkpoints will be.
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