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Snype the Sableye

Snype nodded to deceiver. He had things pretty well planned out with the torture house. It'd be a battle against the Gold Tribes morals... a big mind game! Snype could only anticipate what would happen... everything seemed set in place. All that was left was to wait and make extra preparations.

"Hey Deceiver, I'll be right back. I'm gonna take a look outside. Knowing both of our strategies, they might have sent scouts our way. Kehehe. I won't do anything to them. They can tell them what they want. It won't matter once they hit the torture house. You get everything set up. I won't be long." Snype said confidently "Also, watch your back. I was fighting two shape shifters earlier. They can take on whatever form they please. Anybody could be a spy." He added. Just as he was about to exit, Levina walked up to him.

"Hey! You!" Levina called out. Snype turned back to her. "Thanks and such. You really are crazy for helping me back there. I think you DO have a soft spot for me! Kehe- erm..." She teased, slipping into Snypes chuckle for a moment.

Snype grinned. "Keh. Don't mention it. Seriously. Don't. I have a reputation to keep. Just don't get yourself killed out there again. I might not be able to save you this time. You stay alive and I'll stay alive. I need a sidekick after all!" Snype said with a chuckle. Levina twitched her eye.

"Hey! Your the sidekick here! Don't go getting things backwards!" She argued.

"Right right sure. I'll see you on the field!" Snype said before quickly heading outside.

The Ancients were still grouped up and the battle was bound to begin soon... Snype jumped onto of the ancients heads and began to look around the area. Not like these drones cared. They were meant for war. He could use a marker and draw on their faces if he seriously wanted to. If the fight began early... the least he could do was lead the gold tribe into the torture house.

"Hmm... lets see if anythings out of place here..." Snype quickly looked around, preparing detect just incase they did something crazy. There were bound to be some scouts around... there always were. Snype could at least spook them a bit.

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