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    We walked out of the house. It was now about 9pm when I looked at my watch on my wrist. The good thing about Orre, places stay open longer and seemed.

    Later on, I had to call out Gardevoir and Blaziken to help us carry bags. Kaitlyn had called out her Pangoro. Together we had about 20 bags to carry, however to my surprise, they mainly belonged to me. My camp I had outside of Pyrite was probably already over ran and everything was probably stolens. It was a good thing I had most of the main items with me. My phone, my watch, and my wallet. I also had my sister's phone with me still surprisingly. So all that was left at the camp was tints, clothing, and pots and pans, stuff in that nature. When came back to the house and both me and Kaitlyn were starting to get tired.

    "I have two bedrooms in this huge house. There is one upstairs and mine is down here. Where do you plan to sleeps." Kaitlyn asked.

    "I'll sleep down here on the couch. I use to sleeping outside and around my pokemon, so I think I will stay down here." I said.

    "You sure? Ok, well I am going to go change into my Pj's. I probably will not be going to sleep right away." Kaitlyn said, walking out of the room.

    After a few minutes, Eevee came over to me and rubbed against my side. To my surprise, the shy Pikachu scampered over to me and greeted me.

    Pika, pikachu.

    "Well hello little fella. I was wondering when I would get to see you. You look like a strong Pikachu." I say rubbing it's head between the ears.

    Chaaa... The Pikachu let out a sigh as if it was enjoying it.

    "Aww. Pikachu seems to like you! He has never actually came up to anybody else, but me." Kaitlyn said renetering with her pink pj's on.

    I laughed and then my phone rang. I looked at it and it was Dan and I answered.

    "Yo Iruko. I am free to talk right now if you want. All the people have been checked out and are in the process of contacting their families. Do you want to meet somewhere and talk?" Dan asked.

    I looked at Kaitlyn who was now laughing playing with my Eevee on her floor.

    "Yeah, we will meet in ten minutes on the west edge of the cliff. I will probably be a little late. I need to talk to Kaitlyn." I say.

    "Alrighty. Talk to you then." Dan said hanging up.

    In turn I hung up as well. I got up from the count and laid on the floor near Kaitlyn. We both started playing with and Eevee and the other smaller pokemon. The bigger pokemon were talking to one another or getting ready to sleep.

    "Kaitlyn, I am going to go talk to Dan about some things. You get some rest and I will be back." I said to Kaitlyn.

    "But... I thought you were getting tired?" Kaitlyn asked.

    "Don't worry, I will be back as soon as we get done talking. I ain't going anywhere tonight. I have been through too much crap today. In the past 48 hours I have taken down two prison holds and I really need some sleep." I said, getting to my feet.

    "You better not or I will hunt you down and hit you again." Kaitlyn said with a smile.

    The pain I had felt earlier came back to me remembering it.

    "Don't need that happening now do I? I'll be back in about thirty minutes or so." I say smiling.

    "Alright. Be careful Iruko." Kaitlyn said, continuing to play with the smaller pokemon.

    I approached the door, but the Pikachu stopped me.

    Pika pika. Pika pika pika pika. Pikachu said, a new confidence rising inside of him as he put his little yellow fist to his chest.

    "You want to come with me to talk to Dan?" I asked squatting next to the little mouse.

    Pika pika pikachu. The Pikachu smiled.

    "Kaitlyn, can this Pikachu come with me tonight? He seems to want to join me." I looked over at Kaitlyn, her green eyes were glittering in joy.

    "Yes! Just bring him back." She said with a huge smile.

    "Alright! Come on Pikachu, we will go together. The rest of stay here, I will be back in a few minutes." I said.

    The pokemon nodded. Pikachu climbed up my leg and stopped on my shoulder. I put on my new hat and walked out the door. I came to the meeting spot and Dan turned to greet me.
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