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    Well, I'll officially sign up, despite the fact I'm already two badges in.

    Username: Pokehearts
    Game: White 2 (Put me under Black 2)

    Stuff that's happened (I update every badge, can't use screencaps, as I'm playing on a cart.)

    -Obtained Snivy in Aspertia City, Named it Gr*******
    -Caught a Purloin in Route 19, named it BillyDaKit
    -Caught a Pidove on Route 20, named it BreadCrumb
    -Caught an Azurill in Floccesy Ranch, named it Shredder
    -While Training in Floccesy Ranch, BillyDaKit is killed by a Patrat
    -While Training in Floccesy Ranch, Shredder is killed by a Lillipup
    -Win against Cheren, Gr******* is level 14 and BreadCrumb is level 12
    -Caught a Patrat in Virbank Complex 1(Outside), Named it Patrice
    -Caught an Elekid in Virbank Complex 2(Inside), Named it Adapter
    -Patrice is almost killed while fighting an Audino.
    -Adapter is almost killed while fighting a Magnemite
    -Narrow Win against Roxie, BreadCrumb, Gr*******, and Adapter all die to Roxie's Whirlipede. Patrice is level 18
    -Caught a Minccino in Route 4, named it Swiffer
    -Caught a Grimer in the Castelia Sewers, named it Le Blob
    -Caught a Woobat in the Relic Cave Passage, named it DemonSpawn
    -Caught a Petilil in the Castelia Park, named it MonstrBait

    So my team before the Third Gym badge:
    -DemonSpawn the Woobat
    -Patrice the Patrat (NOBODY ASKED YOU PATRICE)
    -MonstrBait the Petilil
    -Swiffer the Minccino
    -Le Blob the Grimer
    Total Deaths: 5
    I'm going to grind them all to level 24-25. Wish me luck.


    I beat Burgh, everyone's level 25, bar DemonSpawn, (My Swoobat, who evolved from Woobat) who's level 27, and Le Blob, who's dead. Patrice evolved into Watchog, and that's all that happened in between last post and the Third Gym.

    Gym Badges: 3
    Deaths: 6
    Team as of now:
    Patrice the Watchog: level 25
    DemonSpawn the Swoobat: level 27
    MonsterBait the Petilil: level 25
    Swiffer the Minccino: level 25

    I can catch at least four more Pokemon next gym badge. So hopefully I get a ground type of two, can't catch the Skill Link Minccino cause Duplicate Clause (One of my rules), so I can get four more Pokemon next gym. Wish me luck.
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