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Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

"You're doing fine right now." Heat Wave chuckled and Lillian managed a small smile in response.

“Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?” a voice sounded and Lillian turned with Heat Wave to see an Orange Breloom.

"Yeah, that's us." Heat Wave replied. "I guess you're Kaizah, huh? Guess we're only waiting for... uh... what was the last one's name..Shoot." he looked back at the board. "Ah, Luna. That's the last one."

"The Purrloin right." Lillian said after a few minutes. "I say we wait ten minutes before just going without her...but first" Lillian paused uncertainly "um..." she sighed. "we need a leader"