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    I don't mind if people hate these pokemon. I just dislike it when I hear my genwunner friends, who stopped playing a long time ago, state these as their main argument for why the games are no longer good and as the reason why they stopped playing.

    You only need to have 6 pokemon in your team. I'm certain that, when they were younger, not every pokemon in the RBY jumped out at them as something they would personally train. So long as you can find 6 pokemon you like, you can just enjoy defeating in battle or perma-box all the ones you don't like. And it's not like these pokemon are very common anyways.

    Okay, so you hate the garbage and ice cream pokemon. That leaves another 151 out of 156 in this current generation for you to find reasons to dislike. I don't think there's anything wrong with people saying they no longer want to play the games, or that they dislike Gen V compare to other gens, as there are many legitimate reasons. I just think that, by itself, this is a pretty flimsy reason.
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