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    This is a common talk among online games of all sorts. In essence this does extend from gaming and has existed long before video games, but I'll just stick with that as that is where it pops up the most.

    No matter what MMO game you're playing, it's likely you've encountered a new player with some questions about how to play and is seeking to improve. You've also likely encountered a player who uses cheap tactics to annoy other players, steal loot and/or experience, or beg for gifts. Do you respond to these situations? Do you offer advice if they are willing to accept it?

    For reference he's a breakdown of the two terms:

    N00b, noob - A player who relies on cheap tricks to play. Their actions may be to troll other players intentionally, but the annoyance is just as likely to be a by-product of what they do for their own personal gain. If criticized about their activity, the n00b will often respond with hostility rather than understanding of their mistakes. Common n00b moves involve stealing the loot and/or experience that another player should have earned, repeatedly using the same tactic to little or no avail, and constantly begging other players for items/ money. In general, the n00b has no intention of self improvement.

    Newb, newbie - A player who is new to the game, or possibly has returned after a long period of inactivity and much has changed. They are learning how to play and may often ask more experienced players for advice. The newbie may make mistakes, or unknowingly commit an action that results in the annoyance of other players, but unlike the n00b will generally apologize and stop when spoken to about it. The newbie seeks to learn the game and get better at it. Interactions with newbies are mostly polite as opposed to a n00b's insulting demeanor.

    I don't put up with noobs when I encounter them. Whether seeking attention (in which case arguing will surely make the situation worse) or looking out for selfish gains, I don't like to waste my time with these players. I will usually ask them politely to stop what they're doing, but if that doesn't get anywhere I will ignore them and play elsewhere.

    As for newbies, I'm much more welcoming. I'll admit I can get annoying having to answer the same questions multiple times to multiple people, but it can't always be helped. Newbies are just that, new and have a lot to learn about the game. Many games' tutorials can be confusing, and some games start new players off with next to nothing in equipment/money. There are also some lessons that are better learned through experience than text. Experienced players are often the best source of information for newbies, as they are actual people who themselves were at one point new to the game. I will sometimes even give a new player a gift or two after they've shown that they're learning.

    More often than not, the newbie won't even ask for items. Where the n00b tends to beg for things, the newbie asks how to obtain those items themselves or their price on the in-game economy. I see no problem in helping newbs learn the game. Many times interactions with them end in friend requests, and I would hope that one day they will return the favor to another new player as they grow and develop.
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