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Plains of Valkaria

The army of the Alpha Alliance marched inexorably toward Silver City. One way or another, this would be likely be their final march. They would either die, or they would succeed. Zane had seen so many die now during this war. From the Gold Tribe members who perished in the initial invasion, including Rey, to the Gold Tribe members who fought for the liberation, to the Alpha Alliance soldiers who had given their all along the way, each Pokemon had a part to play in every portion of the war. Now that they were so close, Zane wanted to make sure that all of the blood that was spilled to reach there was worth it. The Gold Tribe, standing upon the brink of destruction with only a handful of their thousands of members still alive, would see this war through to the end. For them, this was an all or nothing move. They didn't have another one in them. As he knew, and as most of his brothers and sisters have probably known for a long time, this war would likely be the death of the Gold Tribe.

But if it was their end, then Zane was going to be sure as hell that it wouldn't be the Alpha Alliance's end as well.

As they continued along their way, Penance and a few other of his Affiliates he recognized made their way to him.

"Su-" Zane began to respond, but was suddenly interrupted by a tingling sensation from his head, followed by a flash of an image in his vision. The image was blurred, as he was unable to identify who it was or what it was saying. It felt like static burning through his brain, and his mind was trying to clear it up, which caused him all manner of discomfort. He stopped walking and felt to a knee, clutching his head. The image clear up, but still not enough to identify the Pokemon. However, he was able to hear the last of what the Pokemon was saying.

'The question is, Zane: are you?'

As fast as the flashes and images appeared, so too were they gone just as swiftly, leaving Zane confused on the ground. A few Pokemon to the left and right of him stared down at him, though Zane didn't pay them much mind, recovering back to his feet and proceeding onward. He looked over at Penance again.

"Apologies. You can walk where you wish, I suppose," He answered him. The images he received, the voices, he had a feeling they were in some way connected with the Gold Crystal. Before, they came more in dreams, and perhaps it was more normal. But as time went on, they became more and more common even outside the dream. It was a strange sensation, and one in which he didn't have an answer as to why it occurred. Just another thing he wished to see come to an end.


Plains of Valkaria- Scouting positions ahead of the armies

The Sneasel thief known as Ches hid lower in the rocky terrain of the mountain pass as he noticed a Pokemon on approach to his position, or more specifically their positions. The thieves were used as scouts for the past week, helping with spying as well as tactical gathering of information. Half, if not more of the good information the Alpha Alliance received before the march came from them. They were experts at this, after all. Now, Ches and his group of thieves were positioned a few miles ahead of where the armies were, making last-minute scouting adjustments to ensure a safe path. That is, until the aforementioned Pokemon entered his field of vision.

Ches couldn't see the Pokemon from how far away he walked, but there was something about the way he walked that made him seem a bit more dangerous than his size might insinuate. He made a quick signal with his arm to thieves hiding in other positions, a sign to lay low for the time being. The way the Pokemon walked, which Ches finally identified as a Sableye once it was close enough, felt eerily familiar, as if he knew where to look for hiding Pokemon. As his steps grew closer, Ches popped his head out, and confirmed with his eyes what his head was telling him. His eyes opened wide as he recognized the former thief and current Sentinel Snype, and quickly tried to signal the others to move out of their positions. As for Ches, he tried to lay low, Snype being far too close to him to try and make a run for it without getting spotted. He had to only hope Snype didn't catch sight of him.

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